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Got a room available in Parkview. It's a 5 Bdrm house I just bought this summer. Adjacent to a pathway to Bud Miller Park, close to the college and a 10 minute walk to Walmart - the home of fabulous people (
I'm 25 yo Male and have 3 other roommates currently. Two are drillers (good fellas, barely ever home), the other is an engineer. There's 3 bathrooms so you only have to share with one other person.
All utilities are included (BBQ propane even, hell yeah!). Cable (best package) / Internet etc etc
I'm looking for someone in the 20's preferably male. The longer you're looking to stay the better and if you are out of town part of the time (shift work or something) that's a plus. I also just got a kitten who's pretty cool.

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